Taking the Driver’s Seat: Tips to Manage, Detect and Prevent Fraud and Bribery

If tackling travel and expense (T&E) fraud and preventing bribery are priorities at the moment, you aren’t alone.
In a world where you need to focus on business continuity and business growth, controlling costs and reducing unnecessary and unauthorised spend is essential. 
The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that organisations lose 5% of revenues to occupational fraud every year.
Oversight, an AI audit and risk management platform, reports a 292% increase in T&E violation rates since the start of the pandemic. 
And the median loss by organisations due to corruption is $200,000. 
To address the issues successfully, you need:
  • New tools and strategies that protect your organisation from the risks of occupational fraud.
  • Robust and transparent processes to ensure your organisation is not unintentionally breaking any rules or at risk of a regulatory-related audit.
This eBook looks at solutions to help you take proactive steps to manage, detect and minimise fraud and bribery. It covers:
  • Key facts and figures around occupational fraud and bribery to help you build a business case for putting fraud in the spotlight
  • The most common fraudulent travel and expense activities so you know what to look out for
  • How to work with employees to minimise incidences of accidental fraud
  • How to build a robust process that minimises the risk of bribery allegations
  • Key considerations for building a scalable audit process that will work for your organisation both now and in the future
  • How SAP Concur solutions combine AI, machine learning and human expertise to equip you with the full complement of tools to drive compliance and minimise risk.