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To manage spend, you have to see it. Build a better bottom line, without the pressure.

We can help you get a better view of your spend and control costs associated to travel & expenses.

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Simplify and grow your cash flow by automating your costs.

Now that employees have more purchasing power than ever, the challenge is to have full control and visibility. By automating travel, expense and invoice processes with Concur, more than 30,000 companies of all sizes are making it easier to manage budget and save money while being compliant. And they’re seeing big benefits – like greater productivity by lowering time consuming processes, better negotiation insights and bottom lines increase.

In today’s growing digital economy, how do you control company spend?


Get centralized, accurate and real-time data to track employee spending whenever and wherever it happens, so you can identify trends, negotiate with suppliers and drive cost savings. Get better visbility and management.


Join the community of employees that submits their T&E on the go, acuratelly and in line with company policy.

    See what you're spending on

    You depend on data to manage your company’s finances, but too often that information is dispersed across multiple systems. This affects your visibility, insight and ability to impact the bottom line.

    Demand more: with Concur, you’ll get accurate, real-time and consolidated spending data, giving you the control you need to identify trends, negotiate better rates and drive cost savings.

    Concur services connect to travel suppliers, online travel agencies, credit card companies, vendors – every place and way that your employees spend money.

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    "We had so many different processes, over a hundred different tools or accounting systems. We wanted to globalize and centralize our T&E operations. Now we get a much better overview of how much we are spending and what we are spending it on. Before Concur we didnt have complete control, but since we were able to measure we are now at less than 10% in cost per claim."

    Anna-Carin Östlund

    Head of Travel and Expense Manager, Ericsson

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    Smarter processes for more productive staff

    Inefficient paper-based processes bog down employees and increase errors, which can affect your cash flow and business agility. If your travel and expense processes are too slow, employees might find easier ways to deviate out-of-policy.
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    When you automate Travel and Expense processes with Concur, you’re enabling employees to make the best decisions for the business, save time and stay focused on their jobs.

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