Concur offers a range of solutions to help your business manage compliance across your travel, expense and invoice spend

Improve compliance and spot opportunities for VAT reclaim

Expense claims need to comply with your company travel and expense policies but also tax regulations. With Concur, you can analyse your spending to tackle non-compliance while also identifying opportunities for VAT reclaim.

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Take back the time your business spends reviewing expense claims

If you're not auditing your expense claims, errors can slip through. If you’re auditing internally, let Concur take the pressure off by managing the entire process from start to finish. We can check claims against company policies and receipt information so you only pay what is owed.

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Get help from VAT experts to put money back in your budget

The Tax Authority framework in the Concur Invoice solution maps specific rates to expense types, purchase categories or vendors. When you combine Concur data with support from our tax partners, you can claim back more of what you’re entitled to across all your spending.

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