Future Proofing Your Travel and Expense Program

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As business travel volumes increase and the role of business travel grows in importance, travel leaders must future proof their travel and expense programs to prepare for shifting macro and micro economic factors.

Is your travel program FUTURE-ready? Consider these four changing dynamics that travel leaders may face, as well as the questions posed:

1) ADAPTING TO MORE TRAVEL, HIGHER COSTS, CHANGING EXPECTATIONS - Is your travel program positioned to adapt to more demanding traveler expectations and needs of remote or hybrid workforces?

2) CHANGES TO DISTRIBUTION & TRAVELER BOOKING BEHAVIOR - Are your travel program and online booking tools capable of providing full-content to travelers in an easy-to-choose format?

3) GEN AI AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES - Is your travel program positioned to take advantage of the new breed of generative artificial intelligence tools?

4) SUSTAINABILITY - Is your travel program optimized to guide travelers to sustainable options and provide all reporting your company may need to collect and report to regulatory bodies?

If history has taught us anything, it’s that change is constant. The good news: Although change can often feel uncomfortable for many of us, it can also serve as a gateway to opportunity and growth.

In this whitepaper - created in partnership with BTN Group, we dig into these four core topics in more detail to help you get ahead in your managed travel program.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.