Artificial Intelligence, Real Solutions for Business

woman reading in office

Generative AI, machine learning, large language models, and more. It’s a lot to take in, from what the definitions mean to how artificial intelligence (AI) could affect lives and businesses. At SAP Concur, we are excited about the transformative possibilities of AI, but AI isn’t news to us – we’ve been working with it for years.  

For nearly a decade, we have been infusing AI and machine learning into business solutions like ExpenseIt, Verify, and Invoice Capture. For us, technology is part of a commitment to innovation and meeting and anticipating business needs. SAP Concur has built the foundation and critical judgment to assess advances like generative AI and the opportunities and promises that large language models including Claude, Bard, ChatGPT, and others present.   

In this exciting but uncertain time, SAP Concur brings two critical advantages to the table: 

  1. AI track record of building business solutions that serve purpose.

  2. Rich customer data – fueled by our 49.4% market share in travel and expense management software – on spending policies, preferences, and compliance.  

Together they produce relevant, reliable, and response results.  

Our latest whitepaper, Artificial Intelligence, Real Solutions for Business, takes an extensive look at AI, how SAP Concur plans to incorporate it further, and, importantly, how we are committed to a secure, human-centered approach. Here are key areas we cover:  

  • Where SAP Concur and AI are heading with advances that speed processes and innovation. 
  • What businesses should consider, with a key question being: exactly what business problem are you trying to solve? 
  • Ethics and customer security, essential matters to us because customer trust is irreplaceable. 

Download the paper for more about how AI-infused solutions can meet business needs and make your company ready for change.