Building A Better Experience to Improve Efficiency and Tool Adoption

In a time when people are re-evaluating priorities and reconsidering their employment options, it has become clear that they are looking for more. Seventy-eight percent employees now believe that their employer is responsible for helping them increase job satisfaction and well-being.   

This shift has many organizations examining every part of their business through the lens of the employee experience – the sum of every interaction in your organization with people, processes, and technology. Looking for ways to reinvent and improve it goes a long way towards retaining top talent and building resilience into your business.   

Building on the solution you have today is a great place to start. Augment your SAP Concur solution with automated business systems and intelligence to help employees use the solution more effectively with optimized processes. They will experience less frustration and spend less time on tedious expense-related tasks. You will notice increased adoption, better compliance, more productive employees, and best of all, more free time to dedicate to your own strategic work.   

This free tip sheet suggests you investigate these 6 areas and provide guidance to help you building a better experience for your back office and improve business efficiency. Download it today to learn more details.  

  • Are you helping employees adjust to changes policies?  

  • Can you provide the information employees need for safe business travel?  

  • Are you bogged down by the process?  

  • Are approvals ready when you are?  

  • Do you have the visibility you need?