Dominate Your Travel Data: 4 Ways to Improve reporting, analytics and control

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Data is more important than ever if you’re to effectively manage your travel program. If you’re to capture every trip and every dollar, yen or euro spent, ensure the safety of travelers, track emissions, set budgets, and adjust policies. If you’re to do the travel program management that you, management, and the company expect. 

Data you can’t get to or dig through is data that you can’t use. And according to 98% of travel managers, lagging data and analytics are impacting the ability to do their jobs:  

  • 39% say it’s affecting traveler safety 
  • 38% say it delays reporting on travel emissions 
  • 37% say it impacts compliance with regulations and industry standards 
  • 37% say it makes it difficult to set budgets
  • 37% say it’s harder to update travel policies 

So how do you build your travel-data-analytics capabilities and confidence?  

In our latest eBook, we share four best practices for improving reporting, analytics and control.  

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