3 Ways to Mitigate Risks While Maximizing Profitability

How to Turn Regulatory Changes into Moments of Certainty

Changing work behaviors and innovative business models are only further complicating your tax management challenges. For example, the adoption of hybrid work arrangements creates new categories of work-from-home spending that may be considered taxable benefits and need to be included in payroll. The use of e-commerce or subscription-based models is increasing the volume of transactions that must be tracked and reported to calculate sales tax.  

Fortunately, with the right intelligence and tools, your entire finance operation can access the resources and skills to provide deep advisory support and govern tax management across the business. Regardless of the industry and business size, SAP Concur and Blue dot can help you adopt advanced technologies, provide you best practices and processes to meet compliance requirements, and establish compliance certainty. 

Download this tip sheet to you see where you stand on tax compliance and check on the three strategies you should consider to gain more control.