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Federal Agency Case Study

In preparing to deploy support staff for a major world event in 2016, the agency worked with SAP Concur to save nearly 40,000 dollars in total savings for this one trip.

Read the Case study and learn how we can help your organization


eBook: The cost of doing nothing PREMIUM
Organizations have been automating  employee spend processes such as expense, travel, p-card spend, and invoice, for decades. So what’s encouraging companies to look beyond automation now? They are realizing that employee spend data is often dispersed, falls outside of formal programs, and is hard to track, which means they are failing to get true visibility of employee...
Connecting the dots on travel, expense and invoice spend PREMIUM
How does your business manage travel, expense and invoice processes today? Do you have total visibility into this spend? We asked 500 UK finance leaders from businesses of all sizes about their employee spend management practices. The research revealed that despite some process improvements, there are still a number of worrying...
Crack the Code on Expense Compliance PREMIUM
Crack the Code on Expense Compliance and get better control of your T&E spend With the culture around T&E that our research has found is that one in...
Using Concur, Unisys creates new processes to make their... PREMIUM
Since 1873, Unisys has been introducing technology services and solutions to organizations around the world. As one of the top ten full-service IT outsourcers in the world, Unisys is recognized as a high tech industry leader. Implementing high-tech solutions to deliver enhanced business processes to clients is the Unisys mission, and, in keeping with that mission,...
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Transform Your Government Spend Management for Compliance... PREMIUM
As a government employee, you know it’s easy to get lost in pages of rules and regulations. Unfortunately, your travel and expense spend process may not be any easier. For employees, this may look like getting lost in hundreds of expense receipts, loose invoices, or even just a long and arduous policy. And when you have employees initiating transactions through different channels, plus no...
Tip Sheet: How Do You Cultivate Compliance to Protect ... PREMIUM
Regardless of your organization’s industry, size, or location, travel and expense spend mistakes or fraud can have significant financial consequences. However, by establishing checks and balances to put you in control of employee spend, and making it easy for employees to comply with policies, you can mitigate, detect, and prevent losses due to accidental errors or fraudulent activities.
eBook: Traking the Driver's seat PREMIUM

It is estimated that the typical organization loses 5% of annual revenues to fraud each year.

If you’re asking yourself if fraud is truly an issue to be concerned with in your organization – the answer is a resounding YES!

Fraud exists at every organization of every size, of every industry and in every location, and is a true enterprise risk.

The Key Secrets of the Modern Finance Leader PREMIUM
Your role is growing every day, which means you have less time to focus on finance tasks like managing employee expenses. At the same time, your employees are enjoying more purchasing power than ever before with a world of apps at their fingertips. So what can you do to maintain control over costs, cash flow and the bottom line? To learn how today's finance leaders are staying ahead,...
Quiz: How Is Your Travel & Expense Solution?
Can your current expense, travel and invoice solution keep up with today’s traveler? Your employees have more purchasing options than ever, which makes visibility into company spend even more challenging. That’s why you need an 
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SAP Concur for Financial Services

At SAP Concur, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We also have industry expertise, to ensure we advise our customers on best practices specific to their organisation. Watch this video to see how SAP Concur support financial service providers.

Visibility & Cost Control

Hear from our customers on how Concur has helped them to gain both visibility and cost control of their T&E process.

Create, Itemize, and Categorize Expenses Effortlessly

The toughest task on any trip is coming home to a pile of receipts. Help your employees eliminate this tedious task with ExpenseIt in Concur for Mobile. Employees simply take a photo of a receipt and ExpenseIt will automatically create, categorize and itemize an expense entry.


Reports get done faster, accurately, and you get timely information to manage your organizational spend.

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Introducing Concur Drive

Concur Drive uses GPS technology that empowers you to capture mileage without clicking a button or opening an app – making expensing your car trips effortless.

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[Webinar] Next Gen expense PREMIUM
SAP Concur is releasing the next generation of Concur Expense in 2019. In this

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Metsäliitto Group Customer Case Study
Metsäliitto Group, a multinational forestry and manufacturing organisation, regularly sends 1,500 of its employees across the globe to meet with colleagues and clients. Although the company was using automated expense management systems, the provider and platform differed from region to region. As such, the T&E claim process was often cumbersome, complex and time consuming. In order to...
Arla Foods Customer Case Study PREMIUM

Arla Foods needed a solution that could process various currencies and adhere to a range of regulations. With Concur, they found a solution that could do all this and more by working with their existing infrastructure to provide a transparent view of their travel and expense spend.

Ericsson PREMIUM
They achieved a 90% cost reduction per expense claim. Their employee reimbursement time got quicker: from two months to six days! Ericsson has been the telecommunications industry leader since the late 1800’s. With a presence in 175 countries and offices in 108 countries, Ericsson looked for an on-demand global solution that would reduce costs and...
Alfa Laval PREMIUM
Concur Audit takes the pressure off Alfa Laval is a leading global provider of specialised products and engineered solutions. Their equipment, systems, and services help their customers to heat, cool, separate and transport products such as oil, water, chemicals,...
Global Investment Bank PREMIUM

A global investment bank was still manually processing invoice payments to outside suppliers, tying up valuable time in all the usual areas and delaying payment runs. Choosing Concur's Invoice Module allowed the finance team to conduct online invoice tracking instantly, saving time and effort, eliminating error and reducing invoice payment cycles from 20 days to just 11.

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Research on business mileage claims
In May 2018 SAP Concur together with market institute INNOFACT, surveyed professionals from UK, Germany, Finland, France and Sweden to learn how they manage mileage claims in their organizations. In some of the Nordic countries, despite the high level of penetration of online tools, most of the respondents take up to a week to submit and manage mileage claims, showing a lack of...
Infographic: Traveler Behavior & Invisible Spend
Traveler behaviors and preferences are changing. With the emergence of new technology, supplier-direct efforts and shifts due to generational changes, business traveler behavior is changing. High smartphone adoption has led to new traveler behavior. While many successful managed travel programs have shifted bookings online, new mobile behavior requires a...
Infographic: Traveler Behavior & Invisible Spend
Traveler behaviors and preferences are changing. With the emergence of new technology, supplier-direct efforts and shifts due to generational changes, business traveler behavior is changing. High smartphone adoption has led to new traveler behavior. While many successful managed travel programs have shifted bookings online, new mobile behavior requires a...
Infographic: Fraud and Compliance for Financial Services PREMIUM

Based on data from a 2018 industry survey of financial services professionals, this infographic covers current auditing processes to help prevent fraud and stay in compliance with industry regulations and reveled that many organizations are still uncertain.

[Infographic] Artificial Intelligence in the Nordics PREMIUM
How familiar are you with AI? In 2018 SAP Concur and market research institute INNOFACT AG, surveyed 4,273 professionals from Germany, the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland in an online survey to learn about their familiarity with Artificial Intelligence tools in the workspace and business travel. Read the infographic and see where you stand.
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Oxford Economics Research: Effective Spending Management...
What makes a finance leader? What does a leader do differently to improve company performance? The results from a survey of 1,500 finance executives worldwide are in. Find out how the world's most successful CFOs make use of technology to
urce Centre AMI-Partners Report: Elevate Business... PREMIUM
How much could an automated expense, travel and invoice process save you in both time and money? That’s what we wanted to find out when we commissioned a study with global analyst company, AMI-Partners. Specifically, what are the benefits for small and medium-sized companies with under 1,000 employees? Our research revealed that those with an automated T&E process are saving an average...
7 State & Local trends to watch by Govloop

“We understand that our government and our economy are largely driven by what’s going on in the tech industry. It’s irresponsible for them not to be at the table.” - JACQUI IRWIN, CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLYWOMAN, 44TH DISTRICT

IDC: Driving Business Value Through Travel and Expense... PREMIUM
Driving Business Value Through Travel and Expense Management Maturity, a new white paper by IDC sponsored by Concur, demonstrates that there’s more to gain from a travel and expense solution than speeding up the process. Learn about the value organizations see when they move beyond basic automation: 482 percent average three-year return on investment 49...