In their first year of using SAP Concur App Center partner Taxback International, Electrolux tripled their VAT reclaim from €30,000 to nearly €100,000. Today they are approaching €400,000 per year in VAT recovery, and are expanding the scope with Taxback International to include VAT reclaim in Asia Pacific and Latin America and communication tailored to traveler behavior.

“If I could give any advice to other SAP Concur clients regarding VAT reclaim, even if you have an existing process, go and get it checked out by the experts. It's only through the experts that you can make the initial improvement of just cleaning up that process, but also continuously improve for the future.” Daniel Cole, Electrolux Global Travel Director



SAP Concur for Financial Services

At SAP Concur, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes. We also have industry expertise, to ensure we advise our customers on best practices specific to their organisation. Watch this video to see how SAP Concur support financial service providers.

Visibility & Cost Control

Hear from our customers on how Concur has helped them to gain both visibility and cost control of their T&E process.

Create, Itemize, and Categorize Expenses Effortlessly

The toughest task on any trip is coming home to a pile of receipts. Help your employees eliminate this tedious task with ExpenseIt in Concur for Mobile. Employees simply take a photo of a receipt and ExpenseIt will automatically create, categorize and itemize an expense entry.


Reports get done faster, accurately, and you get timely information to manage your organizational spend.

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Introducing Concur Drive

Concur Drive uses GPS technology that empowers you to capture mileage without clicking a button or opening an app – making expensing your car trips effortless.

Meet the Needs of Both Your Travelers and Your Business with SAP Concur

What your business needs. What your travelers want. All in one place. Learn more about our travel solutions

Concur Audit: A day with the auditing team PREMIUM

For 100% compliance, you need to audit 100% of your travel and expense claims. Watch our short video to learn more about the Concur Audit team and how they can support your business.

The SAP Concur Platform – Travel, Expense and Invoice

Travel, expense and invoice management are all part of the SAP Concur platform. Alone, these solutions can help you increase visibility, improve compliance and cut costs. But when you bring everything together, the benefits are even greater – for you, your business and your employees.

By implementing Concur, Cirque du Soleil standardized their expense process across the world.

We used to have a lot of manual and Excel built different systems. By implementing Concur, we were able to standardize our whole process worldwide and also have a mobile application. The potential is there for us to have much more visibility on how and where we spend our money.

-Eric Marceau, Cirque du Soleil