Webinar: Reimagine Your Travel and Expense Processes with AI and Machine Learning

Watch our on-demand webinar, “Time Travel: How AI and Machine Learning Are Reimagining Travel and Expense Processes”, and learn how industry-leading companies are integrating intelligent technology to reimagine their travel and expense processes.


It used to be a lot harder to spend money. With only a few options for booking travel or making business purchases, employees tended to stay within corporate guidelines – simply because there were fewer ways around them.


These days, it’s a lot harder to control what’s being spent. Employees, contractors and anyone who needs to travel for work, or buy something on behalf of the business, have more options than ever – many of which are literally in the palm of their hand.


In many organisations, the finance team can’t account for (or keep up with) how spending happens in today’s modern, mobile, continually evolving world. They can’t contend with how employees want to buy and track their expenses.


And that can leave you and the rest of your leadership team chasing after travel, expenses and invoices instead of controlling it all in the first place. There must be a smarter way.


To start managing these costs more effectively, you first need to gain full visibility into them and implement new tools that help both the finance organisation and employees optimise travel and expense management processes.


AI and machine learning are being used to improve visibility and control of spend, harness data to negotiate more effectively with vendors, and proactively locate and enable communication with travelling employees. AI is even simplifying how people submit expenses and enabling faster, accurate reimbursement processes.


To find out more about intelligent technology, watch our on-demand webinar. You’ll leave with insights and strategies to control your organisation’s spend.


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