Travel and Transport: 3 Big Benefits of Connected Spend

For travel and transport businesses, a connected spend platform is essential. It keeps you in touch with colleagues and business opportunities, as well as collating important documents and data.


Here’s how a platform like SAP Concur can make your life easier:


Centralised Global Visibility

When your employees are working all over the world, you’ll have travel costs, expenses and invoices flooding in from all over the place. The only way to avoid the logistical nightmare of who’s where, and which cost is what, is to have a centralised system.

No matter where in the world, or what format the data is provided in, you need to be able to efficiently collate travel, expense and invoice data in one place.

The SAP Concur platform gives you full visibility into spend, so you can easily keep track of business costs. Instead of being tied up in process, budgets are streamlined and can be used wisely for business development and growth.


Automation Increases Productivity

Another benefit of a centralised system is that it uses automation to boost efficiency and productivity which can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Say goodbye to long, tedious processes like sorting through piles of paper or manually inputting data. Concur Expense captures and processes all of this for you, saving time and money in one fell swoop.

And because everything is connected, reimbursements of expenses, booking travel and processing invoices happens more quickly – while avoiding duplicate, exaggerated or inaccurate spending.


Mobile Solution for On-The-Go

Travel and transportation businesses don’t stand still, so your chosen spend management systems need to be agile too. So, how does a mobile app support employees that are constantly on the move?

  • Travel can be booked, expenses can be submitted, and invoices can be reviewed all in one place
  • Receipts can be instantly photographed and analysed – no need to hold on to piles of paper

These are just some of the benefits of connected spend for travel and transport businesses.

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