Mileage Reimbursement: How Much Are You Paying for Overstated Expenses?

Self-reported mileage is an honor system, and while you naturally trust your team on the road, mileage mistakes are easy to make—even for you.

Think about your last out-of-office meeting. Did the trip include a quick stop at home, a visit to your son or daughter’s school, or maybe a few other errands? And how far is it downtown and back? How many miles exactly?

Seriously, how many people know how to keep track of how far they’ve gone?

Whether it’s tens or hundreds of thousands of miles each year, the pennies-per-mile add up quickly. If you don’t have a system to accurately log who’s going where, you may literally be getting the runaround.


Don’t worry, mileage drives everyone crazy

Inaccurate tracking and reporting costs every company money and leaves them wide open to potential fraud. You don’t get receipts, so you simply don’t know if people are telling you the truth or stretching it. And with self-reported numbers, it’s almost impossible to know if you’re complying with regulations.

You need to take mileage calculation out of the hands of drivers and ensure that every single mile they drive comes with documentation of the actual distance and route.

Not only will this reduce fraud while improving reporting, it will increase audit readiness and establish a culture of compliance in which you can be assured you’re meeting tax and regulatory requirements.


Trust, but verify

It’s an ages-old proverb, but it still rings true. And there are tools out there to help you do it—tools that take the guesswork out of reimbursement by accurately tracking mileage and automatically adding it to employee expense reports.

Concur Drive reduces self-reported mileage (along with the mistakes and exaggerations often riding shotgun) with automated distance-capture GPS. This allows you to:

  • Categorize every segment driven, whether business or personal
  • Capture distance automatically and more precisely
  • Submit driving expenses seamlessly
  • Reduce overspend
  • Easily measure distance from anywhere

It also takes the burden off your employees. No more mileage logs, no more guessing, no more wasted time. That keeps them focused on the job at hand and keeps one more layer of risk off your desk.


See for yourself

Find out how Concur Drive—and a host of other SAP Concur solutions—are helping companies like yours drive down risk while driving up compliance. Learn more about Concur Drive.

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