Introducing SAP Business Exchange - A Community to Help You Grow and Connect

Introducing SAP Business Exchange - A Community to Help You Grow and Connect  

We are happy to unveiled our refreshed and enhanced community site, SAP Business Exchange. This community is a terrific resource to discover insights that can unlock new opportunities for your business. And, for those who choose to become members (which we highly recommend), the SAP Business Exchange gives you a platform to connect and learn from fellow business leaders.  

Access exclusive content to help accelerate your success

Visitors to the SAP Business Exchange can view a list of upcoming SAP and SAP Concur events. Anyone who visits can also access exclusive content from industry leaders and subject matter experts about a variety of business topics, such as starting a business, driving growth, team building, and more. Below is just some of the content we’re currently showcasing. We update this content regularly, so visit often to see what’s new!   

Become an SAP Business Exchange member to unlock more content

To take advantage of all the resources and benefits the SAP Business Exchange has to offer, we recommend becoming a member. Membership has its perks! As an SAP Business Exchange member, you can create connections and start conversations with other business leaders using the business forums and groups.  

Think of some of the most valuable business relationships you have and how much you’ve learned from those connections. They’re important and have likely helped or are helping you grow professionally. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned business owner, having a network of peers to reach out to for ideas and support can be very helpful.    

SAP Business Exchange members also have access to:  

  • Offers and discounts from SAP Business Exchange partners  
  • Resources to keep you informed about the latest SAP Concur products and solutions   

Sign up here to join the conversation on the SAP Business Exchange. Membership is open to everyone. 

Questions or feedback? Feel free to email We’d be happy to help you!

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