Four Tools to Speed Up Your Expense Reporting

Admit it, you always put your expense reporting off until the last minute. (Don't we all?) But avoiding your reporting means you're not getting reimbursed as quickly as you could be and may even be risking credit-damaging late fees on your corporate card. Luckily, as an SAP Concur user, you can take advantage of a few tips, tricks, and tools that make doing your expenses quick and easy.


1. ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app

Your favorite receipt app, ExpenseIt, is now in the SAP Concur mobile app. This tool will help you expense as you go and avoid sorting through a daunting pile of receipts at the end of a business trip. As soon as you get a receipt, open up ExpenseIt in the SAP Concur mobile app and take a picture. The image will be uploaded to Concur Expense and an expense entry will be created, categorized, itemized, and attached to the corresponding corporate card charge if applicable.

2. Account connections

Continue to automate your expense process by connecting apps like Uber to have receipts from business rides flow straight into Concur Expense.

Additionally, if your company has purchased access, you can enroll in My Travel Network and connect frequent traveler accounts. Once you do, receipts from the flights and hotels you booked with participating vendors will appear in Concur Expense.

All of these connections can be made in the SAP Concur App Center.


3. TripIt

TripIt is a great tool to help you organize your business trips, but did you know it can help you expense them as well? Connect your SAP Concur account to TripIt. Then, when you forward your travel confirmation emails to, your itineraries will flow into Concur Travel and Expense and be attached to the corresponding charge if found. This will help simplify expensing items that require an itinerary to be attached.


4. Concur Drive

If you drive your personal car for work, Concur Drive can help you cut down on the time you spend expensing mileage considerably. By capturing mileage as you drive, accurate expenses are created in real-time and can even be sent straight to Concur Expense for you.


Want to learn more about how to simplify your expense reporting? Please do not heistate to get in touch!


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