Connected journeys with the Concur App Centre


“You’ll begin to see corporate tools and consumer tools become much more interoperable. On a trip I may use five or six supplier applications.  And that’s going to evolve – the ability to have a single-app experience across multiple app functionalities.” Mike Eberhard, Concur President



Naturally, all my business trips are overseen by Concur Travel. It’s easy to identify compliant options, my itinerary builds itself and I get real-time updates so my journey runs smoothly. But there’s a lesser known part of the platform that gives business travellers more choice than ever before.


At Concur, we believe in the power of partnerships. Of course there are companies out there who offer services we don’t. But rather than fiercely guarding our solutions from them, we make them part of the family and work together to create a better experience for our end users. And this is where the App Centre comes in.

The App Centre is designed to connect the travel apps you know, and those you soon will, to Concur. From Uber to Airbnb, we have over 150 partner applications available in the Concur App Centre globally. So when I’m travelling for business, even if I use a partner application, all the information is captured in Concur so my expense report is almost complete by the time I arrive home.


But it’s not just for business travellers. Compliance, tax management and spend optimisation applications are also available to help the hard-working people behind the scenes from travel managers to expense administrators. Ultimately, when you make the most of the App Centre, everybody wins.


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