Brexit and VAT: Preparing for Every Outcome

It’s not long now until the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union. Yes, we’re talking about Brexit. While some people might be tired of hearing about it, Brexit is still top of mind for many businesses.


Of course, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around what the impact of Brexit will be. But one thing is for sure – the way in which UK businesses reclaim VAT within the EU will change.


Perhaps you already have a comprehensive VAT reclaim process in place, or maybe you’re just starting to investigate how you can put some VAT costs back into your budget. Whatever your circumstance, SAP Concur and Taxback International are here to help you navigate VAT in a post-Brexit world.


So, which businesses will be affected?

  • Sellers of B2C goods and services to and from EU customers
  • Sellers of B2B goods and services to and from EU customers
  • All UK companies incurring business related travel expenses in the EU


Want help preparing? Join a free webinar on the 26 February to hear expert insights into what might be changing and how your business can prepare for every outcome.



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