Molina Healthcare

Although the company did have Concur Travel & Expense, its original configuration needed to be enhanced to meet the needs of Molina’s growth. To get a better hand on spend, they reconfigured Concur to make it more automated and user-friendly. They also revised Molina’s T&E and corporate credit card policies to gain greater visibility into exactly where the organization was spending its money.

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“My favorite thing about Concur is how much the company invests in research and development, and is continually introducing new tools to make things easier for our users and our processors. With other software, what you see is what you get. With Concur, if we want an additional capability, chances are, someone at Concur is already working on it. We also have input into what’s coming next. That’s important to us, too.”

-Sandra Ochoa, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Molina Healthcare


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Long Beach, CA


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